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One to One Tutoring for K-12 Students

Helping students stay ahead of the curve

Online & In-home tutoring

85+ Subjects including SAT Test Prep

America's Top Tutors

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Transform your child

Into a PowerKid. Learn online from award-winning tutors. Get ahead in class!

Transform your child into a PowerKid.

Learn online from award-winning tutors. Get ahead in class!

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Why Parents love PowerKid?

US Based A++ Tutors

Vetted and validated by a rigorous PowerKid policy.

One to one Sessions

Student-centric one to one programs helps child feel powerful, heard and yield results faster

Adaptive Curriculum

Everything is customized- courses, curriculum and conversations.

Learn by doing

Immersive learning with activities that instill curiosity and creativity

Personalized schedule

Pick your time and tutor. (online) Classes are offered in global time zones

Ask unlimited doubts for free

Don’t pile up your doubts. Ask them for free, as they crop up.
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K-12 Subjects

Steps to Make Your Child a Powerkid

Tell us Where your child needs help

As soon as you sign up to our tutoring program, our tutor would schedule an evaluation session with you and your child to identify the learning gap.
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Customize Your Lesson Plan and Outcome

After evaluating your child’s learning requirements, our tutor would help you with a lesson plan as per your intended outcomes.
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Pick a Schedule and Package that suits you

Everything is customized to your child’s developmental demands. You are free to choose a course plan and time that best suits your requirements.
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Learn from the America's Best Teacher

Our teachers are vetted, trained and verified by a rigorous Powerkid policy. Only those tutors and educators in the top 4 percentiles are recruited.

Access the Best Tutoring Programs Online

Every child deserves access to good tutoring so they can get the assistance they need in order to score well on any test. At Powerkid Tutoring Academy, we understand that every student has a unique way of learning. Different students struggle with different courses but luckily, we offer the best online tutoring programs for nearly every course.

Whether you need K-12 tutoring services, test prep services, or higher grade tutoring services, our team of top American tutors is available online to help you out. We even offer online elementary education programs with customized course plans for your child. Our tutors take time out of their schedule to conduct K-12 live online tutoring sessions with your child to help them learn. The higher grade tutors are also here to guide you through tough concepts, difficult calculations, and other elements of standardized testing involved in the ACT, SAT, and PSAT exams. If you prefer learning offline, then you can also reach out to us for in-home tutoring services. Start learning with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

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How is Powerkid tutoring different from others in the market?

Powerkid tutoring was founded by team of  global academicians with the aim to bring in the best tutoring program to United States.

Powerkid has proprietary tutoring framework -right from hiring tutors, training, delivering classes, managing outcomes and parent communication. Built over 10 years, this framework is the best in the world that yields results consistently. Our organizational values are aimed at changing the life of students for good and we stand by it. 

Why are Powerkid Tutors the best?

Powerkid Tutors are handpicked, put through rigorous training through proprietary tutoring methodology. Our Academics Director oversees every single class and that ensures a very robust tutor performance. 

What are the subjects tutored?

We offer tutoring about 80+  K-12 subjects. Some subjects include Math, Science, English, SAT, ACT, entrance exam preps, language etc. We also offer homework assistance and support along with subject tutoring.

Is there difference in outcomes for online vs at-home

We have different tutoring frameworks for online vs at-home and we make each session valuable and count. Yet there are no difference in outcomes. If the student has difficulty in concentrating online, we recommend in-home tutoring. Either method is still one to one, so the personal commitment of tutor remains.

Powerkid's Right Match Promise

 If you aren't happy, you don't have to pay.

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96% of students advanced 2 grade points

in 6 months of joining PowerKid.

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See What Parents Have To Say

Passionate tutors!

“We tried many different online classes for different subjects. I have never seen such dedicated, passionate tutors. They are the kind of teachers that every kid dreams of. I would strongly recommend”
Oliver Beddows
Parent of Grade 4

Love PowerKid!

“I am noticing an improvement in my daughter’s confidence in taking exams and doing her homework . Her teacher is amazing. I love PowerKid!”
Madley Pondor
Parent of Grade 9

Best bet ever!

“Very knowledgeable tutors. After attending the Abacus classes at Powerkid, my kid who was super-afraid of Maths, learnt to perform calculations at great speeds. Now, he is a top performer in his class and I am super proud of him”
Mina Hollace
Parent of Grade 7

Quality tutoring!

I admitted both of my kids at PowerKid. Tutors did an outstanding job and they assessed areas that my girls required assistance, made plans and then tutored them to improve their grades. I would definitely recommend PowerKid if you are looking for online tutoring.
Luvic Dubble
Parent of Grade 5

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