5 factors to consider before choosing an online course

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5 factors to consider before choosing an online course

COVID-19 and the penetration of digital mediums have accelerated the shift from conventional classroom teaching to online course. A plethora of online courses and learning websites have evolved over the last few years.

Such online courses have provided the students an opportunity to learn at their own will and pace. They can learn from skilled professionals and field experts across the globe. But there are some important factors that a student should consider when choosing an online course. An online course should be evaluated for the expected outcomes. This should be matched with their objectives and goals. This has to be done before picking an online course. 

Learning by listening versus Learning by doing

The problem with a lot of online courses is that they are not hands-on. Studies have shown that there is a limitation to the amount of facts and skills one can gain by just listening to tutor. When children take up such online courses, they may be able to pass the exam by cramming what is said in the webinar or tutoring session. But, they may not be able to apply the conceptual knowledge in real-time.

If you are looking for online tutoring programs, make sure that you choose a platform that offers some hands-on exposure and experiential learning. 

Video tutorials versus one-on-one online tutoring

A lot of online courses are mere webinars and video tutorials rather than lecturing or mentoring sessions. Though such video tutorials have enormous content that might help students, they may not be of great help. This is so, when students require guidance in applying such concepts in real-time.

On the other hand, personalized learning courses that offer opportunities for interaction with the tutor might promote better engagement. This could altogether enrich their learning experience. Merely watching videos might give students a feeling of completing a course. But such videos may not give them the satisfaction of gaining new skills. They also lack the confidence to apply such skills in real-time. 

Are online courses capable of imparting skills beyond books?

While it is always enriching and productive to offer skills that the conventional curriculum settings require, the best online courses impart skill sets. They extend to help them thrive beyond books and classrooms.

Such online courses should have the capacity to inculcate futuristic competencies, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking capabilities. All these a student might require to endure the ever-evolving world. 

Cost and duration of the online course

When you are searching for an online course, particularly for children it is important to check for the duration and timing of the course. This would help them manage the actual school learning and the extra course work.

Doing so might reduce the unnecessary burden that children might otherwise endure. 

Evaluate the outcomes and unique values that the courses on different platforms promise to offer. Then check for the duration and cost. Choose wisely, the one that has the potential to offer maximum value. As well, look if they can offer a unique learning experience for an optimal cost. Also, look for mandatory requirements that some advanced-level online courses demand. 

Are online courses future-proof?

Most online courses have a fixed curriculum that imparts a skill that is most demanded at that point of time in the industry. What they miss out on is the fact that such skills may lose significance at any point of time in the future. The best courses are those that help students build futuristic skills. They also transfer information on how to build their own skills and where to upgrade. They also guide students on how to integrate them into what you have acquired already. 

On the whole, look out for courses that offer children an experience beyond the traditional learning models. Also to those that future proof their skills; Find courses that promote experiential learning and holistic curriculum. They should also offer an exciting experience to children. 

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