A grade-wise Grammar checklist

grammar list

A grade-wise Grammar checklist

Here is an exhaustive list of grammar skills that you can teach your child during their kindergarten, first grade and second grade. This grammar checklist is prepared on the basis of common core curriculum standards. Also based on our observation of English tutoring sessions at Powerkid. 

Generalized Grammar checklist 

Some kids learn faster than others, some slower and some fall in between. We understand that the learning needs of each kid is different. The following is prepared based on our observation of English tutoring sessions. You may tweak the same to use it effectively to your kid. 

Learning to adopt conventions of English language and grammar while the kids learn to speak and write is the ultimate goal of English learning in Kindergarten and Elementary classes. 

Grammar checklist for Kindergarten

  • Print upper-case and lowercase letters
  • Identify sentences and words
  • Use some nouns and verbs 
  • Use space between words
  • Capitalize first word in the sentence
  • Learn commonly used plural nouns – like cats, dogs, etc. 
  • Understand the usage of question words – who, when, etc. 
  • Speak in complete sentences. 
  • Understand and promptly use common prepositions like for, on, etc. 
  • Differentiate between past and present tenses. 
  • Natural ability to produce different types of sentences- interrogative, exclamatory, etc. 
  • Understand the sound-letter relationships. 
  • Learn familiar words with their meanings and use them appropriately

Grammar checklist for Grade-1

  • Use different types of nouns- common, proper and possessive nouns. 
  • Use singular and plural nouns
  • Agreement of verbs with singular and plural nouns. 
  • Use different pronouns – personal, possessive and indefinite. Eg: I, me, them
  • Use punctuation marks to end a sentence
  • Use commas to separate words
  • Capitalize words wherever needed – date, people, etc. 
  • Speak in complete sentences.
  • Use verbs to convey past, present and future. 
  • Use common nouns to refer to people, places and things
  • Right usage of pronouns 
  • Use adjectives appropriately
  • Use conjunctions wherever necessary
  • Learn to combine two sentences
  • Use articles – ‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘the’
  • Learn the appropriate usage of prepositions
  • Sort and define words by categories

Grammar checklist for Grade-2

  • Learn the usage of collective nouns
  • Learn irregular plural nouns – like children, teeth, mice, etc. 
  • Use correct ending punctuation marks
  • Use commas to write the date
  • Learn to capitalize words in date
  • Capitalize names, products, people, geographic names, etc.
  • Use reflexive pronouns in sentences like ourselves, myself. 
  • Use of irregular verbs – sat, told, said, etc. 
  • Learn the subject and predicate of a simple sentence
  • Use common nouns
  • Correct usage of pronouns
  • Learn to use comparison form of adjectives
  • Identify the usage of adverbs
  • Choose between adjectives and adverbs
  • Combine simple sentences using conjunctions
  • Learn formal and informal usage of words
  • Understand the meaning of compound words using meanings of individual words
  • Use glossaries to clarify the meaning of words
  • Real-life connection between words. 

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