How to build arithmetic skills in children?

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How to build arithmetic skills in children?

As a parent it becomes highly important to keep track of the skills that the child acquires and monitor their progress periodically. It is highly important to help the child master the mathematical concepts and skills. A strong foothold in Maths becomes more important as the child moves ahead in life. Math tutoring helps to overcome Math learning difficulties. 

Math is hard?

A lot of children have learning difficulties in Maths, and for some, the very thought of the numbers, sequences and operations triggers anxiety. 

Read this article to know ways and techniques to help your kid with math. 

Help your child build a positive approach to Maths

By helping children understand the importance of Maths throughout their life, say in problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making, parents shall help their children appreciate the importance of Maths. Do not utter words that may trigger negative thoughts and emotions. Instead motivate them continuously by saying that it is doable and you are with them in the difficult phase of learning. 

Make learning fun

To help them relieve anxiety and feel comfortable with numbers and calculations, keep talking to them as you pass through the daily chores. For instance, ask them to count the fingers, toys, vegetables, or stars. Move ahead with questions like ‘How much is it if we add one more? How do we split this equally?’ etc. You can use board games, puzzles, and other activities. This can help the child master mathematics without anxiety. 

Opt to in-home math tutoring programs or choose an online tutoring service

Apart from the standard mathematics curriculum followed in schools, you can admit your kid into Math tutoring programs. They can exert a positive influence and help them to solve challenges and problems in real life easily. Such after-school programs will help them explore mathematical concepts beyond books. They also build confidence in their minds. 

Do not encourage rote learning

Most children get used to cramming up subjects, concepts and formulas, a day before the exam to reproduce them in the test. Learning mathematics by memorizing the formulae or rules carries no meaning. This defies the very purpose of inculcating arithmetic skills at a young age. Encourage them to understand the concepts and their real-time application thoroughly. Keep communicating with the children in mathematical terms. Say when you cook, teach them about how to measure, divide or add cooking recipes, or planting a garden. While paying everyday bills, or when buying groceries and vegetables in supermarkets.  

Help them understand that problems can be solved in multiple ways

Some children find it difficult to understand the concepts and the standard calculative procedures taught in schools. When children have such a hurdle in consuming the subject, help them understand that problems can be solved in multiple ways. Constantly motivate them to follow a procedure that is easy for them to perceive. When they have a different way of solving a problem, do not discourage them. Instead try to understand their mind and approach.  It’s those small differences that induce enormous passion and interest towards learning in children. 

Looking for a Math Tutor?

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Math is not hard!

Our personalized, in-home and online Math tutoring programs shall help them master the subject at their own pace with a curriculum tailored to their interest and passion. In-home and online math tutoring programs are handled by top American tutors. Our courses are available in-home and online to mould and nurture your child’s mathematical skills. 

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