Become a Tutor

Become a Tutor

Become a PowerKid Tutor

Transform student’s lives. Create an impact that lasts.

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Tutor should be based in US, should have bachelors degree and teacher certified in any US state.

If you not based in US, please apply at

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To Tutor is to learn Twice.

Teach students from all over the world and grow professionally. Broaden your exposure and earn more. Experience the joy of teaching.

Tutor anytime, anywhere.

You can tutor anytime of the day depending on your schedule. Work as much as you desire. No fixed hours.

Make a difference in learning

Connect with students from across the country. Navigate young minds to excellence through innovative teaching methods.

Become a part of the PowerKid community.

Sign up with us. Access stories, reflections and insights gathered from teachers and experts around the country.

How to become a PowerKid Tutor?

Application Process

The process of getting listed on PowerKid is simple and straightforward. All that you have to do is to fill the form.

Our director will verify the details that you’d provided. Select a topic of your interest and deliver  a killer demo to our selection committee.

Create a profile that stands out. Provide all professional details to complete the on-boarding process. Induction training will follow. 

Earn what you deserve.

By signing up to tutor with us, you win an opportunity to network with global experts and learn from each other. 

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