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Accelerate your kid’s academic excellence with Powerkid’s online tutoring

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At Powerkid we offer utmost personalization in terms of curriculum and schedule. By enrolling your kid to Powerkid online tutoring in K-12 subjects under the North American curriculum, they get an opportunity to learn under the guidance of top American teachers, some of whom are Ivy league graduates. Our tutors are carefully picked after evaluation through a rigorous Powerkid policy.  

By opting to Powerkid online tutoring, students also get homework help and practice tests. We make sure that you get the right tutor. If not, you are free to request for a change, anytime. No questions asked.

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Did you know?

96% of parents at Powerkid Academy report that their kids leapfrogged 2 grades in less than 6 months!

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See the difference in just 3 months!

You don't have to struggle alone, you've got our assistance and help.
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Lower stress, better grades.

Comprehend complex lessons

Better study habits.

All-round academic development

Powerkid's Right Match Promise

Covers your First Session. If you aren't Happy, you don't have to Pay

Our experienced, caring tutors are waiting to  present you the child’s successful life and academics

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See What Parents Have To Say

Passionate tutors!

“We tried many different online classes for different subjects. I have never seen such dedicated, passionate tutors. They are the kind of teachers that every kid dreams of. I would strongly recommend”
Oliver Beddows
Parent of Grade 4

Love PowerKid!

“I am noticing an improvement in my daughter’s confidence in taking exams and doing her homework . Her teacher is amazing. I love PowerKid!”
Madley Pondor
Parent of Grade 9

Best bet ever!

“Very knowledgeable tutors. After attending the Abacus classes at Powerkid, my kid who was super-afraid of Maths, learnt to perform calculations at great speeds. Now, he is a top performer in his class and I am super proud of him”
Mina Hollace
Parent of Grade 7

Quality tutoring!

I admitted both of my kids at PowerKid. Tutors did an outstanding job and they assessed areas that my girls required assistance, made plans and then tutored them to improve their grades. I would definitely recommend PowerKid if you are looking for online tutoring.
Luvic Dubble
Parent of Grade 5

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