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Powerkid parents receive periodic scorecards for their child enabling a personal learning mode and faster time to achieve results.

Adaptive Lesson Plan

During the First session, students are evaluated by our tutors to identify the learning gaps and needs. A customized study plan is prepared based on their requirements and desired outcomes.

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The first session is covered by Powerkid’s Right Match Promise. If you aren’t happy, you don’t have to pay.
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96% of parents report an improvement of 2 grades in Maths

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Learning Algebra is not hard anymore!

By enrolling your kid in the Algebra course, you also get access to Homework help and Practice sessions. The Algebra course is designed and delivered by top American tutors who are highly proficient in Math.

Our tutors are available for both in-home and online tutoring and they shall help your kid in preparing for algebra tests and quizzes. Improving their classroom performance and grades is the ultimate objective of our Algebra tutoring program.

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We Can Help You Understand Algebra

Algebra is undoubtedly a complex subject. The combination of numbers and alphabets is often difficult for kids to comprehend. Top American tutors at Powerkid Tutoring Academy aim to resolve this problem for you.

There are many different areas in algebra where you might be struggling. Our tutors conduct an online or in-home tutoring session with you to identify these areas. Once they understand where you’re struggling in the course, they’ll create a customized study plan for you as per your specific learning requirements. Our algebra tutoring program can help you grasp the difficult concepts in no time. With sufficient practice and homework, you can improve your understanding of this difficult course. Your assigned tutor will provide you the guidance and support you need throughout the course, and provide periodic scorecards for you to evaluate your progress. If you feel ready to conquer algebra, enroll for our online or in-home algebra tutoring services!

Covering the entire spectrum from
Pre-Algebra, Algebra-1 to Algebra-2.

Algebra- 2

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