5 Ways Your Child Can Develop Better Critical Thinking Skills


5 Ways Your Child Can Develop Better Critical Thinking Skills

Good grades aren’t the only thing that will help your child grow academically and professionally. Having great critical and creative thinking skills is also essential to get better opportunities in life. Furthermore, your child will be able to solve many real-life problems with great critical thinking skills.

This blog discusses how your child can develop better critical thinking skills and perform well at school, in tutoring sessions, exams, and in life!


1- Let Your Child Solve Things Themselves

We understand that your parental instincts push you to help your child in every possible way. However, doing this can negatively impact your child’s critical thinking skills. When a child struggles to solve a problem themselves, they continue working on it and thinking about it, allowing them to hone their critical thinking skills.


2- Include Your Child When Solving Real-Life Problems

Don’t know how to get out of a real-life problem? Include your child to make a decision! This might seem like a foolish option, but doing this will help your child make better life decisions in the future. For instance, start by asking their opinion on things. You can ask their opinion on what kind of cat food you should get for their pet or how you can get all the things you want within their budget.

This approach will teach them both budget developing and critical thinking skills in life.

3- Encourage Them to Think in Different Ways

Society will ask your child to follow things in a certain way, but you should always encourage your child to step out of their comfort zone and do things differently. Start by saying, “what if we did this” or “do you have another idea” so they can know that they’re allowed to think and speak critically.

This approach will also help them think of all the possible solutions, which is a great skill in academic and professional life.

4- Ask Open-Ended Questions

We know that asking your child to explain everything can be tiring, but the results will be worth the effort. Start by asking questions whenever they express their opinion on anything. For instance, “why is this your favorite movie,” or “why do you like this food” are effective ways to ensure that your child will think critically while answering such questions.

5- Get Them the Additional Help They Need

A classroom environment often doesn’t allow children to think out-of-a-box. Instead, children are stuck thinking in a certain way, without asking any questions. You can change that by enrolling them in a tutoring session, where they can discuss things and ask questions from any certified tutor. After all, asking questions is a great way to develop critical thinking skills.

Without a proper environment that encourages question-answers, and innovative thinking, your child will not develop any critical thinking skills. For this purpose, you can hire a certified tutor at PowerKid. Our top American tutors answer all of the student’s answers and encourage them to participate more during the online tutoring session.

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