How to make learning maths an exciting entity?

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How to make learning maths an exciting entity?

Everything in this world is based on mathematical structure and hence is one of the most useful tools to understand the universe and its behaviour. For some learning maths is exciting and is like a cake walk while for many others it is quite challenging and may require help and assistance. Because it holds significance in any profession that you aspire to pursue, and in almost every aspect of our life, acquiring a strong foothold of the fundamentals is highly important.

The reason why many people find it difficult to learn mathematics is because they fail to acquire the basics right.This clearly impacts the future prospects because a lack of arithmetic understanding negatively affects the cognitive abilities and analytical base of the children.

Below are some tips to help children in learning maths, in the most exciting manner. 

  • Add an element of fun  

Children need extra motivation to continuously learn Mathematics. Cramming down the formulas the day before an exam or rote learning may seem boring and monotonic for a kid to build interest in Maths. You may choose to get them board games like Monopoly, Chess, Set, etc., online puzzles, and other activities that help children learn as they play.

  • Help them solve real-world problems

Engaging children in real-time applications of the conceptual knowledge they garner in classrooms and the formulas that they learn in books, may strengthen the foundation of their arithmetic skills. You may involve children in household activities like cooking or take them to grocery shops to show them how measurements and arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, etc. work in real-time.

You may engage them in routine activities like counting money, estimating the cost of a toy in a toyshop, estimating the time it would take to reach a spot at a particular known distance, etc. This would hone their analytical skills and they become better equipped to solve real world problems through simple formulas.

  • Continuous practice is the key

Help your child practice at home to complement the Maths learning that happens at school. You may choose to enroll them in alternative courses like Abacus training or Vedic mathematics courses that are proven to help children acquire arithmetics in the most-intuitive, engaging format.

With 16 sutras and 13 Sub-sutras covering wide subjects like algebra, geometry, calculus, etc., learning Vedic mathematics sharpens the focus of young children. Abacus learning has a profound impact on the overall analytical skills and cognitive abilities of the children. Such programs help them improve their memory, simplify the complex subject, while equipping them with abilities to perform mental calculations at a great speed.

powerkid is an online tutoring academy that aims to strengthen the learning foundation of every child with a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary attributes and elearning courses. Our online classes are handled by expert teachers.

Through Vedic maths online classes or abacus training, they would help you hone the arithmetic skills and problem solving capabilities of your child by nurturing them to develop an interest in working out solutions to real-time mathematical problems.

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